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REEL DOCS: A Documentary Film Series is dedicated to presenting heartfelt, thought-provoking international documentaries
to the community of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico.

Since 2008, this ongoing series offers San Miguel residents
and visitors alike the opportunity to explore diverse documentary films
that they may have not had the opportunity to view otherwise.




What REEL DOCS Filmmakers are Saying:



"Although Caren and Jennifer thanked me in a myriad ways for coming and bringing our two documentary films,
it is me who has to thank THEM. Not only is San Miguel de Allende, the city, a treasure and a gift by itself, Caren

and Jennifer have created an enthusiastic documentary film-loving community that is a pleasure to engage.
The theatre in the Biblioteca is stunning. Surrounded by rock walls and filled with a vibrant audience,
the experience of screening our films was only outdone by the pleasure of becoming part of this community,

albeit too briefly. We’ll have to find a way to come back!"

Annie Roney, Founder of ro*co films



"My time at Reel Docs in San Miguel was one of the most colorful, relaxing and engaging experiences I've had while screening "Playing For Change: Peace Through Music." The audiences both nights were very engaging and brought an inspiration back in me, reminding me of my love for documenting life and sharing it with people. And Jennifer and Caren were the most fun, respectful and gracious hosts I've had along my journey. The hospitality was stunning and extremely inviting, making my stay very comfortable. I will return!"

Jonathan Walls, Co-Director/Editor: Playing for Change



"Thank you for putting together such a wonderfully heartfelt documentary series.
The enchantment of the city combined with the warmth of the people creates
a powerful mix rarely experienced. Viva Reel Docs!"

Gabriela Bohm, filmmaker The Longing: The Forgotten Jews of South America



What REEL DOCS Audiences are Saying:



"Cynthia Wade is a filmmaker who gives so much of herself and cares about making a film that will be impactful,
relevant and respectful of the human spirit. As a film buff, I don't know how I have missed Reel Docs in San Miguel.

They will be showing documentaries through March and I look forward to seeing more."

- Christina -



"Each time I go see a Reel Docs documentary, I find myself awakened, shaken up and enlightened. The films teach me about cultures, social issues, and ideals; and then we get to hear the directors' perspectives. It's always interesting."

- Debra Spilfogel from Albany, NY -



"Whenever I learn that there is about to be another Reel Docs series,I experience a palpable excitement and
a sense of urgency about getting my tickets. It's really a physical thing!
Caren and Jennifer make wonderful choices and have presented our community with

the crem de la crem of meaningful films."

- Sondra Zell from New York City -



"The films are wonderful -- we laugh, cry, rage and are amazed.

Such a treat! Who knew documentaries could be so riveting?"

- Ed and Sarah from San Miguel de Allende -



IMPACT....this is the one word we would use to describe the Reel Docs films! They are thought-provoking, emotional,
and full of insight. They uncover people and places that do not normally cross our paths.
Thank you for the time and effort in choosing the best!

-Joanne and Graeme Howard-



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