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"What a fantastic experience it was to screen my film at Reel Docs! The theater is a newly refurbished jewel box set within the beautiful San Miguel library, La Biblioteca. The intimacy of the setting added so much to my experience of screening the film and engaging in a very robust Q n A that followed. The audiences were open and lively and that too adds to the charm of Reel Docs. Jennifer is a delightful, curious and gracious hostess – her enthusiasm for and love of both film and San Miguel is truly infectious. The team of Reel Docs volunteers are amazing too!  I left wanting to make another film only so I could return."


Carlisle Vandervoort, Producer





"What a great screening of Incarcerated Rhythm at the Teatro Santa Ana in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. A big thanks to the Reel Docs team who continues a wonderful documentary series that allows us documentary filmmakers to have our work seen. Two screenings, both sold out and a pleasure for me to share this moving documentary with my community. Congratulations to Indrani Kopal for making this beautiful and touching film and allowing me to be a part of the process. Also for Susan Slotnick who has done such wonderful work with men in prison and her many dancers over the years and has been an inspiration for many."


Derek Burrows, Producer





"From beginning to end, showing my film at Reel Docs was a flawless experience.  Right from the start Jennifer and her team were communicative and helpful.  When I arrived in San Miguel (a town I had been to previously) I was hosted in a magnificent,  art-filled home that was comfortable as well as historic.  And the screenings!   Both were sold out with a long waitlist and people clamoring to get in.  What I really loved was how engaged the audiences were in the discussions afterward....not only did they take part but they were lively, intelligent, and knowledgeable. At one point I thought to myself, "now this is why we make films"  If you are a filmmaker and fortunate to be invited - do it!"


Karen Kramer, Filmmaker






"Reel Docs was everything we could have wished for: full houses for both screenings, a big beautiful screen in a newly renovated theater, engaged audiences and lively Q&As. But it’s more. Founder Jennifer Posner and her team were caring, supportive and fun. And San Miguel de Allende is a town not to be missed, with its rich history, beauty, entertainment, art and cuisine. Add to that the wonderful people and the international crowd and you’re promised a terrific experience as both a maker of art and consumer of it as a visitor.

If you get an invitation, say yes. We did, and now have memories for life."


Cornelia Ravenal & Mikael Södersten, Co-Filmmakers









"Reel Docs is the real deal. The experience was a beautiful winter vacation in warm and lovely San Miguel de Allende. The screenings were in a beautiful old theater, packed with viewers who were engaged and intelligent. Festival organizer Jennifer Posner is a wonderful host and tour guide. We stayed in a lovely home close to the center of town and spent days wandering old cobblestone streets, exploring impressive architecture, murals, art galleries, markets, churches, and rooftop sunsets. A unique and amazing festival experience I would sincerely recommend."    


Laura Israel, Director and Alex Bingham, Art Director & Editor






"I'm no filmmaker, just a humble subject of one, but I still wanted you to know how much
I appreciate your organization hosting our film. 
Reel Docs is a remarkable organization bringing sublime films to the gorgeous little town of San Miguel de Allende, and they deliver... in spades. It was such a pleasure to work with you and your team. Two screenings, sold out, and the audience was engaged and involved from the get-go. Q&A after the screenings were a treat, and the cherry on top was interacting with the audience one-on-one afterwards in the receptions. The week was a whirlwind of colonial architecture, deep history, incredible food, amazing people, intricate backstories, beautiful scenery, and wonderful experiences. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for everything."
Matt Kahl


"Working with the Jennifer and Gina and the REELDOCs organization was a total pleasure. From the submission process, to the follow through notifications,
down to the minutiae of AV planning once on site, they are cooperative,
concerned, and professional. They really value you and your work, and the
audiences are engaged, friendly, and full of questions. Add to that the beauty and
charm of San Miguel de Allende itself, and you’ve got a winning combination for any visiting filmmaker who wants a nurturing environment in which to share their work."
Bob Krist
"A film truly comes alive in front of an audience, and at ReelDocs in San Miguel de Allende, this proved especially true. Being so enthusiastic and engaging, the ReelDocs organizers and audience who packed out the theatre with each screening, made this such a wonderful experience. Their joy in watching my film made me laugh and cry along with them, like it was my first time all over again. Thank you to Jennifer Posner and the ReelDocs team and supporters for inviting us to screen at this brilliant film series
and fall in love with your beautiful town." 
Bruce Donnelly, Director/Executive Producer
"Honored to have had my film selected to participate
in Reel Docs in San Miguel de Allende. Jennifer Posner
and her team are top notched. We had two sold out screenings
with an audience that didn't want the Q&A ​to end. Was hosted
in a gorgeous home and got to spend a week exploring this fabulous
creative ex-pat community in Mexico. Filled with gratitude to have
had this experience."
Gayle Kirschenbaum, Filmmaker / Director





"Reel Docs in San Miguel de Allende is a gem of a film festival and our experience

there with our film was a real treat in all its dimensions — two sold-out screenings

with great Q&A in a beautiful old theater; wonderful hospitality in someone’s cozy

home where we could wander the cobblestone streets and explore all of

the nooks and crannies and sensory delights of San Miguel; hours of

reading and relaxing on the rooftop terrace listening to the

roosters and neighborhood bustle….  

Our festival hosts, Jennifer Posner and Gina Hyams,

were welcoming and helpful and fun, making our time there 

all the more memorable. We hope to be back!"



Helen Cohen and Mark Lipman, Filmmakers









"The Reel Docs' staff with Jennifer Posner, Co-Director, know how to make a
filmmaker feel very good: from the lovely housing offered to us, the
historic and beautiful theater setting for the screenings, the engaged and
enthusiastic audiences, the post film receptions. I can highly recommend
it to fellow filmmakers who want to have a special experience in Mexico."


Maureen Gosling, Director / Producer


"If ever given the opportunity, hop on the next plane to San Miguel de Allende to present your doc at REEL DOCS. Jennifer Posner and all volunteers for this film series organize a welcoming and stimulating experience for filmmakers while creating an engaged cinema haven for San Miguel (mostly ex-pat) audiences. I was thrilled to present A NEW COLOR to a full house and to explore this magical city with tons of “right-on” suggestions from Jennifer. Learning that 100% of the ticket proceeds are donated to the local Biblioteca for educational programs only strengthens my respect for and appreciation of REEL DOCS. Brava to all who make the magic happen!"


Marlene "Mo" Morris, Director / Producer





"Reel Docs is a great destination for a filmmaker - terrific audiences, lively Q&As and wonderful hospitality in a beautiful city.

It was great to connect with the audience

here, try new foods and explore

the historic town."


Cynthia Wade, Director










"I had a superlative time in San Miguel attending Reel Docs showing of our film. I want to thank Gina Hyams for her sympatico attention to my stay here. Her friendliness and insight into San Miguel was much appreciated. I also really want to thank Carla and Allen Berger for their unending hospitality and kindness while hosting me in San Miguel. A warmth and attention that you rarely find from most people let alone complete strangers. Thank you all very much."


Jeff Werner, Producer




"Reel Docs was one of my best filmmaking experiences ever -
the location is magic, the complimentary accommodations were luxurious, and the film crowd in San Miguel is knowledgable and enthusiastic. The best part were the wonderful hosts who spent so much time with me. And the food! It's not easy to get there, but if you get the chance go!"


Vivienne Schiffer, Filmmaker








“My experience at Reel Docs was nothing short of perfect. I really enjoyed sharing my film which is deeply personal to me and loved the engaging Q&A that came afterward.

The audience was informed, enthusiastic, smart, and fun.

Whatever I do next - I plan to be back with it in San Miguel!”



Gotham Chopra, filmmaker and son of Deepak Chopra


"I recently spent a year in Mexico but hadn't yet discovered San Miguel de Allende, with it's cobblestone streets, delicious cuisine, rich history and lovely people. Caren and Jennifer are exceptional hosts and the REEL DOCS screenings were packed and full of thought-provoking questions. If you make the trip, prepare to find yourself on a rooftop swaying to live music with a ginger margarita in hand."


Nicole Opper, Director





"A great theater set in a beautiful city filled with wonderful people...REEL DOCS is world class. Caren and Jennifer are gracious and engaging hosts that not only speak the language of film but serve up great Margaritas! I only hope to be fortunate enough to have more pictures be seen by their audiences."


Charles Miller, Cinematographer





"Having my film at Reel Docs was a perfectly wonderful experience. Caren does a terrific job. The newspaper was filled with excellent articles, two sold out audiences in that lovely library theater, couldn't have been better--truly thoughtful, smart and sophisticated people asking great questions. 


We loved San Miguel. No wonder it is a World Heritage Site. It is singularly beautiful--the architecture, and the subtle palette of colors (ochre, sienna, terra cotta, a deep reddish brown, rich cream, pale gold, even aqua), against that high altitude blue sky, so amazing.


We did walking tours, architectural tours, an all day archeological trip to a recently excavated sight. The food is delicious, and inexpensive, and the people are so friendly. We've traveled to far corners of the world, and seen wonderful places, but none more wonderful.


Thank you again for the privilege of showing my film at Reel Docs."


Barbara Sonneborn, Filmmaker


"Showing Alice Neel at Reel Docs was really rewarding. The audience was enthusiastic and engaged.

The screening was well planned and thoughtfully presented in a beautiful place."


Andrew Neel, Director


"Showing work at Reel Docs is likely to be a first-class experience for any independent producer. At our screening the audience not only constituted a capacity house but they were as attentive as migrating birds and often spoke from their hearts. What more could you want? They also tend to have an expatriate, non main-stream perspective that is precious for any filmmaker who has done more than a few Q & A's in the US. An honor and a pleasure."


Ralph Arlyck, Director


Naomi Wolf, author of The End of America, presented the film of her book along with producer, Avram Ludwig.

"When you connect with an audience, that is why you make a film in the first place, but in San Miguel, you
connect with a most intelligent, activated, motivated audience. They are not content to sit back and
watch your film and clap when it is over. They want to do something about it."


Avram Ludwig, Producer



"When we arrived for Caren and Jennifer's Reel Docs - and for our first time in San Miguel de Allende! -

the god of rain descended on the gorgeous town and did not leave for the week.

This forced us to stay indoors and discover some of its less-sung magic: its people - especially the US expats

who were ab fab - its cuisine, and its art galleries. We're content to leave the sightseeing for next time, since it meant

that we could get to know in more depth the delightful community that attended our sold-out screenings

at the magnificent cinema in the Biblioteca. You were by far the most engaged and engaging, generous and

receptive audience I've personally had the pleasure to interact with in a very long time!"


Alex Rotaru, Director


"The jam-packed theater was filled with an enthusiastic audience with some of the most insightful questions we've gotten. This little documentary film series -- Reel Docs -- screens some of the best docs and has developed a grateful following of residents and visitors. The Biblioteca Publica is an amazing community center, a library with two theaters, a cafe, and loads of activities including both English and Spanish speaking people. I had so much fun in San Miguel de Allende, thanks to the gracious home donated for my stay, the welcoming people Caren and Jennifer are, and the interesting and intellectual group of people who live in San Miguel."

Sandy Handsher, Associate Producer



"Although Caren and Jennifer thanked me in a myriad ways for coming and bringing our two documentary films,

it is me who has to thank THEM. Not only is San Miguel de Allende, the city, a treasure and a gift by itself,

Caren and Jennifer have created an enthusiastic documentary film-loving community that is a pleasure to engage.
The theatre in the Biblioteca is stunning. Surrounded by rock walls and filled with a vibrant audience,
the experience of screening our films were only outdone by the pleasure of becoming part of this community,
albeit too briefly. We’ll have to find a way to come back!"


ANNIE RONEY, founder of ro*co films


“My time at Reel Docs in San Miguel was one of the most colorful, relaxing and

engaging experiences I've had while screening "Playing For Change: Peace Through Music."

The audiences both nights were very engaging and brought an inspiration back in me, reminding me of
my love for documenting life and sharing it with people."


Jonathan Walls, Co-Director/Editor





"Few of us are capable of emotional honesty, particularly when it comes to the people we hold most dear and

even those who are seem to be unable to tolerate the self involvement and delusional world that some artists live in.

In her male dominated world, Julia did not take a back seat to any and yet was able to see them all clearly,

love them anyway, and provide them whatever they needed. Julia is my new hero!"


“The beauty of San Miguel de Allende is equaled only by the warmth of its people.

A gem of a city blossoming with life and art, this is a community like no other I've experienced. A wonderful place for
filmmakers and artists of all kinds. Magical things happen here!"


LInda Hattendorf, Director



"The audiences at ReelDocs were among the best I have encountered. The discussions about my film,
and the tough issues it raises about police misconduct and the need for accountability, were sharp, informed and empathetic.
I highly recommend screening in San Miguel de Allende at Reel Docs."


Kelly Anderson, Director


"A full house, a wonderfully receptive audience, interesting questions: all in a beautiful
and fascinating colonial Mexican town."


Bonnie Burt, Director


"Thank you for putting together such a wonderfully heartfelt documentary series.
The enchantment of the city combined with the warmth of the people creates a
powerful mix rarely experienced. Viva Reel Docs!"


Gabriela Bohm, Director



"It was a great pleasure presenting Match & Marry at REEL DOCS.
It is such a beautiful and charming environment. I believe that Jennifer Posner and Caren Cross are
providing such a wonderful program by bringing in documentaries and filmmakers. They are not only
benefiting the children of San Miguel but they are nourishing the enthusiasm and curiousity of people
who enjoy entertaining and educational programming."

Suzanne Warlick, Director



“My experience screening moja moja at Reel Docs was fantastic. The audience
laughed and cried in all the right places and a great Q & A session afterwards
brought about some very interesting questions.”


Sam Oliver, Director

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